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Real Life Sex Doll Real Sex Dolls – Jacqueline 135cm

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As Real Life Sex Doll can offer a pleasant sexual experience.

As Real Life Sex Doll can offer a pleasant sexual experience. They also have an advantage to the overall sexual health which is an added advantage. However, it is important that you use these Real Life Sex Doll with proper care. So let us talk about the means on handling Real Sex Dolls for better pleasure.

Happy Holidays from Jacqueline and them Miniatures of mines!unless you study the pic very closely you cant really tell that is not a human woman.
one of the thing that makes her look so real. is her hair is not “perfect”,It isn’t perfectly styled with every single hair held in place by a ton of hair spray.She looks like she just lifted her head from looking at something (or just turned her head to look at the TV maybe? ) and her hair is hanging very naturally. A little bit mussed.

Body Data:

Height: 135CM Weight: 25KG
Net length: 120CM Chest: 76CM
Bust: 60CM Waist: 56CM
Hip: 77CM Neck circumference: 25CM
Shoulder width: 29CM Hand length:14CM
Thigh circumference: 39CM Thigh Foreign Minister: 68CM
Thigh length: 80CM Head to genitals: 95CM
Knee to sole: 32CM Feet long: 20CM
Suitable for shoe size: 30 yards Vaginal depth: 17CM
Oral cavity depth: 13CM Material : Silicone TPE
Select the vaginal: Built-in or Insert Skeleton : Steel frame
Carton size: 125cm*40cm*30cm


Material:The sex doll is made of silicone material TPE.She looks like a real woman.The skin delicate and elastic.

Non-toxic and no smell.Extremely soft,feels better and softer than silica gel.


Bone:You can freedom to adjust the action of the doll,cooperate your need, authentic reality.We adopt titanium skeleton.To the maximum reduction of human’s action, we design 36 different steering knuckles.These can make the doll both act easily and maintain the same posture,not rebound.There are bones in the fingers which can make various gestures.

Detail:The internal structure of vagina is completely carried on according to the reality, countless fold and protuberance.There is a spikes of uterus in the tail ,increased stimulus, real sex appeal.The vagina is arising from the mud draft made by the master with 40 years of experience engaged in the wax statue carving,so it is very realistic.There are two models for the vagina, a integrated one and a seperated one.A integrated one need lavage when cleaning,but a seperated one need to take out of the body.There is ealistic detailed texture design, hard to hear true and false.




What is the difference between the all-in-one vagina and the removable vagina cavity?

The removable vagina is very durable and soft and can easily be taken out of the doll and washed after use.

The built-in vagina looks very realistic however the outer lip is very delicate so we recommend it be well lubricated with water-based lubricant to reduce friction on the material. For minor repairs, please use a lip repair kit that is included with the doll. A syringe is provided in the doll cleaning kit to help clean after use.


Do colors of outfit get transferred (stain) silicone body?

The silicone skin of the doll’s body acts like a sponge at the macro level. If an outfit has been dyed with cheap dye or in strong colors, the silicone surface may get stained. Strong colors such as black, red, or purple have more of a chance of staining the silicone. Areas that get easily stained are areas that have more weight when a doll is sitting or laying down: back side of thighs, buttocks, and back.

If you wish to have your doll wear dark colored outfits, we advise that you test a small, unnoticeable area of the doll’s skin to make sure the clothing dye does not stain.

Doll accessories sold through our online store have been tested for this specific purpose and do not stain the doll’s skin.



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