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Lovely Realistic Sex Dolls Red Skin TPE Doll – Holly 135cm

$1,599.00 $1,199.00

The cost is one more important factor that you need to remember while choosing Realistic Sex Dolls for your pleasure.

The cost is one more important factor that you need to remember while choosing Realistic Sex Dolls for your pleasure. If you would pay a lot of money that is beyond your budget, then you might not enjoy it fully. That is why it is advised that you cross check the cost as well to get only the best outcome from it.

She is made to fit with the needs and fantasies of couples and individuals alike.that are created to assist you and your partner in having pleasurable lovemaking.Both you and your partner will have a good time.

You can use Joanna whenever you feel like it, wherever you are. A simple orgasmic ring can be carried in your purse, ready to be used anytime. In cases where couples use Joanna, their lovemaking is made more passionate that they will crave for more.

Body Data:

Material: TPE
Height: 136cm
Legs: 76cm
Inner thigh length: 67cm
The feet to the knees: 45cm
The inside of the knee to the leg: 35cm
Thigh: 39cm
Calf circumference: 26cm
Hand length: 53cm
Arm circumference: 18cm
Shoulder: 27cm
Hips: 71cm
Waist: 44cm
Upper chest: 66cm
Under Chest: 46cm
wieght: 21.5kg

Detail:The internal structure of vagina is completely carried on according to the reality, countless fold and protuberance.There is a spikes of uterus in the tail ,increased stimulus, real sex appeal.The vagina is arising from the mud draft made by the master with 40 years of experience engaged in the wax statue carving,so it is very realistic.There are two models for the vagina, a integrated one and a seperated one.A integrated one need lavage when cleaning,but a seperated one need to take out of the body.There is ealistic detailed texture design, hard to hear true and false.

All dolls are made by domestic stylists. From design to production, to the prototype of achievement, every step is made by numerous modification and improvement.

Mode of transport:We ship our real love dolls to most countries worldwide including the USA, Canada and Australia. Rest easy knowing that our prices include shipping costs. There are also no hidden fees or costs. We are upfront with you because we want you to have the best experience with your new love doll. We will have it well hidden as the package will appear neutral. Only you will know the contents of what’s been shipped. Our customers agree that your secret is safe with us.All information provided is kept private and secure. The shipment information is neutral and your identity will remain confidential.Once your order is confirmed, we will be able to deliver the goods for you as soon as possible.

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