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If you are attracted toward Japanese women, then you can have customized Japanese sex doll that look like Japanese girls. This is another great freedom that you can have when you choose customized option for same.Having attraction for women from some specific reason is not an uncommon feeling. That means you can also have some special attraction for girls from any particular area or type.

She really is amazing just like having the full girlfriend experience.**** is absolutely beautiful,so realistic that you cannot help touching her when shes next to you.She has beautiful skin and fantastic body says it all.nice big breasts with beautiful hands and feet are manicured with wires for movement and flexibility.

She can add extraordinary energy to your own sexual life, whether you select to make utilization of only them, or alongside individuals or someone else, however best part is that they can be used to satisfy all your sexual needs, dreams and in addition your needs as and when you need.

Body Data:

Height: 100CM


Weight: 12KG


Net length: 85CM


Chest: 63CM


Bust: 40CM


Waist: 38CM


Hip: 60CM


Neck circumference: 21CM
Shoulder width: 22CM Hand length: 43CM


Thigh circumference: 35.5CM


Thigh Foreign Minister: 50CM


Thigh length: 43CM


Head to genitals: 58CM


Knee to sole: 26CM


Feet long: 15.5CM


Suitable for shoe size: 27 yards


Vaginal depth: 16CM


Oral cavity depth: 11CM Material : Silicone TPE


Select the vaginal: Built-in or Insert


Skeleton : Steel frame


Carton size: 90cm*40cm*30cm






What material is used for the doll?

Our high-quality silicone blend is the main material of the doll’s body and the skeleton is made of a stainless steel alloy.


How is the doll packaged for delivery?

We carefully and securely pack our dolls in a discrete double cardboard box to ensure your new companion arrives safely to her final destination. The doll is packed to safely handle being vertically upright for short periods of time, but we strongly recommend storing the boxed doll horizontally.

With every order, we also include a storage bag to safely store your doll long term.


Can I bathe with my love doll?

Yes! However, the head and joint portions of the body should not be submerged in water. You may bathe with your doll as long as the water level remains below the torso.


What about deterioration? How durable is the silicone?

The silicone used for Realistic Sex Doll has gone through rigorous testing and is specially formulated to be very durable and not deteriorate over time with regular use. Excessive pressure should be avoided, however, to not damage the body.



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