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We know that Adult dolls won’t cut cures want; it must be more than adult dolls in this bed around and the lover, right? Wrong! You’ll find new sorts of adult toys out there for us, the Japanese Sex Dolls.

Japanese sex dolls are little different from your regular sex dolls and are a great choice to go with if you are looking for an inflatable doll to experiment with in your bedroom. They are usually marketed to anime fans as they look like an animated woman of some anime movies or serials than the slightly more realistic sex dolls available on the market. Here is a guide that will help you out to pick your perfect Japanese sex doll.
Japanese Sex Dolls Guide
One interesting advantage of owning a Japanese sex doll is you get to make love to an anime character, a non-feasible thing in real life or even with other sex dolls. Their non-realistic appearance makes them desirable as they are not imitating a completely human likeliness; something that often turns people off to sex dolls.
Japanese sex dolls are mostly made from rubber, latex or silicone. Nowadays some dolls are being made with Cyberskin, a high quality material that feels like a real skin. Lower quality sex dolls often come with low weight restrictions meaning the doll cannot handle too much weight on top of its body and might cause it to burst at a seam, leak or break. If you are looking to use your doll often or want to keep it around for several years to come, try to buy a doll with higher-quality Cyberskin material with reinforced seam.
Different Types of Dolls
Japanese sex dolls are packed with many different features that are both useful and cosmetic. The dolls have some wild hair colors like purple, pink and blue, as they are being made in the visage of Japanese anime characters. The breast size in these dolls also varies hugely with dolls with larger breasts as well as dolls with virtually flat-chest, depending on your test. Expensive dolls have removable penetration areas, allowing you to clean the doll more thoroughly or simply use it separately outside the doll.
Caring and Cleaning
It is very important to clean the doll after playing with it. The entire doll should be cleaned thoroughly with soap and water or use an antibacterial toy cleaning tool to make sure no nook, cranny and folds around the seams are left out. All body fluids should be immediately cleaned from the doll to make sure no bacteria can start growing. To store the doll, you can easily deflate it and place it back inside its box or store it inside your closet or beneath your bed.